Staffing – Low staff-to-child Ratio

staffing-friendlypeople1An adult/child staffing ratio of 1:14 is maintained in the school-age programs. Pebble Soup maintains a 1:8 ratio.

Stone Soup Child Care Programs, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, employs a small administrative staff. It oversees the Stone Soup school district employees who work in the programs, 77% of these are bilingual in languages that closely resemble the student demographics (Spanish speaking, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, sign language and other). The Stone Soup administration also reflects these demographics.

Staff are certified in CPR and Pediatric First Aid and have TB and Live Scan fingerprint clearance.

Staff Training

Classroom Training – All staff members receive extensive training on job duties, responsibilities, performance expectations and Stone Soup program training prior to working with the children.

Site Training – New employees work alongside seasoned employees at a program site with groups of children before being given their own groups of children to work with.

On-going Training – Monthly meetings and workshops are scheduled for all employees.

Stone Soup believes continuous employee training not only benefits the program quality, but also prepares employees for possible career advancement. Employees are offered information on college courses as well as any financial assistance programs available at local colleges. When opportunities for promotion become available, employees are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

If you are a high school graduate with six or more ECE units and experience you can call the Stone Soup Encino office at 800-421-SOUP for more information on programs in your area.

If you know of an existing program within a specific school district, you can complete an application at the school district office. Applications are screened and interviews are scheduled periodically. All staff become school district employees and must get a tuberculosis test and fingerprint clearance. Call 800-421-7687 for more information.


Stone Soup works with college and university instructors for completion of student internship requirements. Early childhood development, nutrition, fitness, teaching, sports and the arts are fields of interest for the Stone Soup internship program.